Battle of Hammond's Store (30 December 1780)

While engaged in these preparations for action a body of Tories making Hammond's Store their headquarters advanced as far as Fairforest Creek to embarrass these operations.  Morgan immediately dispatched Cols. Washington and McCall with a command of some three hundred men to drive them from the country.  Major McJunkin and some others familiar with the country were sent as pilots.

Washington came suddenly upon the Tories at Hammond's Store and a general rout ensued.  It was said Washington reported 100 killed and wounded, with forty prisoners.  The whole party of Tories amounted to something over 200, so that but few escaped.  They were commanded by a Col. Pearson and Major Ben Wofford.

A detachment from Washington's command then proceeded to a  fort on Mudlick Creek commanded by Gen. Cunningham, but the Tories then made their escape to the garrison at Ninety Six, which was not far distant.  The effect of these movements was that Cornwallis immediately dispatched Col. Tarleton to Ninety Six.

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